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AF Side Eject Expandable

AutoFold Side Eject Expandable Coil Line
  • AF-516 (SEE) Selector Station

All side eject systems automatically add female seams onto finished duct ( flat, L section or fully wrapped ), before the complete product is unloaded from the machine.

All side eject rollformers are 9 station and electrically operated.

The Autofold can be ordered with the eject system to the right or left, to suit factory layout. Pittsburgh and Snaplock options are availible separately, or in the case of the dual side eject system, both together. With the Snaplock option the male punch is fully integrated into the Autofold

  • Single side eject Pittsburgh
  • Single side eject Snaplock
  • Dual side eject Pittsburgh and Snaplock

Side Eject Plans

  1. Coil Holders
  2. Leveler / Beader
  3. Male Snaplock Puch
  4. Notchers
  5. Dual Head Drive Cleats
  6. Shear
  7. Folder
  8. Side Eject Rollformers
  9. Power Coil Drive
  10. CNC Control

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