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Since 1968, Hypertherm has had a single goal: cut the cost of cutting metal. Hypertherm control solutions have embedded process expertise that supports multiple cutting applications providing reliable performance with easy-to-use software.

The EDGE Pro Ti is designed with integrated drives, motors and multiple torch height control interface options for ease of installation and setup. Combined, the hardware and software empower the operator to make the optimal cut, every time, increasing productivity, and profitability.

Easy to use

  • Using the CutPro® Wizard, even new operators can be ready to cut production parts in less than five minutes.
  • LAN/Wireless Network and USB access for part program loading and software updates.
  • One touch access to supporting documentation including cutting optimization tips, consumable change instructions and diagnostic tools in multiple languages.
  • Configurable Watch Windows™ enable on-screen real-time monitoring of key process performance parameters while cutting.


  • Integrated communications to plasma and torch height control systems for automated and expert control of the cutting process.
  • Wizards and diagnostic support tools that enable easy job setup, operation and rapid troubleshooting.
  • Built in servo drives with optional motors and cables, all factory tested to Hypertherm rigorous standards.
  • Drives rated up to 500W maximum per axis and 1000W system total.


  • Remote Help™ quickly enables CNC, plasma system and cutting machine diagnosis and repair over the internet reducing the need for on-site visits.
  • Ability to conduct HyPerformance® Plasma, and Powermax® plasma diagnostics at the CNC.
  • Worldwide network of Hypertherm service engineers available as needed to support cutting machine manufacturer service personnel.
  • Intuitive hardware service kit helps rapidly isolate system errors.


  • Industrial glass touchscreen utilizing surface acoustic wave technology for superior reliability and consistent operation in harsh cutting environments.
  • Air cooling to reduce stress on electronic components without dust ingress.
  • Hypertherm plasma, CNC, and THC manuals are available in multiple languages at the touch of a button. Machine specific user manuals can be added for easy access to critical information.
  • 2-year warranty.


  • Critical plasma, THC and cutting machine parameters can be controlled in the part program using Part Program Support (PPS) for optimal and repeatable cut quality every day, every shift.
  • Hardware and software designed for a broad range of processes such as oxyfuel, waterjet, and plasma cutting applications.
  • True Hole® technology with process verification ensures all operator variables are properly set *.
  • Rapid Part technology for maximum productivity.
  • Sample arc voltage feature for optimal consumable life.
* Requires ArcGlide Height control.
Operating system Windows® XPe
Hard drive SATA drive
Display 15" glass touchscreen (surface acoustic wave technology)
Memory ≥1GB
Communications / Ports Wireless Networking, LAN, Hypernet, Two USB and RS-232/422 serial ports
Dimensions 435 mm (17.13") W; 490.9 mm (19.33") H; 377.2 mm (14.85") D
Temperature range -10° C to 40° C ambient (14° F to 104° F ambient)
Warranty Two-year
Regulatory compliance CE, CSA, GOST-R
Operator's console Two-station including joystick and two speedpots
Operating voltage and frequency 100 – 240V, 50/60 Hz, 10.0 A at 100 VAC/4.1 A at 240 VAC
Software utilities Part Program Support (PPS), Remote Help, networking, Autogas support, DXF import, and simple shape nesting
Axis count 2 – 4
Inputs/Outputs 12 /12
Options Sensor Ti lifter, interface diagnostic kit, axes servo motors and cables