AutoFold Full Insulation Line in a Right Z layout



The machine can be in ‘U’ Left or Right configuration. The machine can be ‘Z’ Left or Right configuration or a straight line configuration. The machine can be purchased as a complete line from new or can be added to any Autofold 516 Side Eject Ducting Line. The Production Duct Line can be configured with 1 of the 4 available flange types. The Autofold portion of the line, as a standard Autofold can be configured with the Drive Cleat as an added flange to the system, Pittsburgh and Snaplock can also be chosen either separately or as a combination of both. As the standard Autofold produces flat sheet ‘Ls’ and Boxes the Production Duct Line will also produce the same sections but now with the added roll on flange, the machine is also fully hydraulic. All Production Duct Lines come with standard wi-fi compatibility for back to factory diagnostics and support.