Ifold 2 Coils



The I-Fold gives the operator the ability to use standard coil widths in multiple gauges up to 1.6mm and manufacturing ductwork to any sizes from a minimum of 120mm x 120mm. The I-Fold will produce flat sheet ‘I’ shape, ‘u’ shape and fully wrapped duct.
The machine’s fully hydraulic system is controlled by the Autofold v8 Control System, specifically designed for the machine. Input is through a dedicated 14” touch screen controller using the Windows CE platform running the Autofold standard program.
The Software is the regular Autofold software complete with the jobs program. Ductwork is produced at an average rate of 1 duct per 20 seconds depending on duct size. The I-Fold retains the same production rate of the bigger Autofold machines.
The I-Fold comes with one ‘A’ frame coil holder as standard but more can be added to the customer’s requirement. Installation of the I-Fold can be carried out by the customer as the machine is shipped complete and requires only one 3 phase power supply (no air is required).